Is Bright Future right for you?

As an inclusive community, Bright Future offers beneficial centres for all families, catering for working, work-from-home and stay-at-home parents. Their extended hours, consistent staff rosters and open-ended educational program ensures children receive a fun and thorough education regardless if they attend two, three, four or five days a week or if they are present for short or long days.

Bright Future holistically cares for children, providing cognitive, social and emotional support at all times during the day. Children are exposed to early numeracy and literacy learning, including opportunities to boost their vocabulary and language abilities. Social interactions are in abundance, where children play with peers and develop turn-taking and conflict resolution skills. These vital social experiences combine to provide a strong foundation for later learning and education.

Bright Future’s use of the online portal Storypark allows families to see in real-time their child’s participation and wellbeing, even while at work. Educators will always contact the parent during the day to gather more information, confirm best practices for the individual child or to celebrate successes; similarly, Bright Future welcomes phone calls, text messages and emails at any time during the day!

Bright Future Inclusions

Bright Future Early Education Centre’s competitive daily fees include:

  • 6 age-appropriate rooms catering for children 6 weeks to 5 years
  • Nutritious, fresh and homemade meals prepared on-site by a qualified Cook (breakfast until 8.00am, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and an evening snack)
  • Nappies and wipes
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunsmart environment and Bright Future hat
  • Storypark – real-time updates of your child’s learning and development through an online portal and app
  • A discount for children enrolled 5 days per week
  • Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten program
  • Extracurricular classes
  • Supportive, understanding and ‘hands-on’ management

Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program

Provide your child with the advantage of attending Bright Future’s approved Kindergarten program, lead by Bachelor qualified Teachers specialising in Early Childhood Education. All children expecting to enrol in Prep in 2019 will benefit from the educational program, excursions and social interactions included in Bright Future’s Kindergarten room. Your child’s participation in Bright Future’s school readiness program will ease their transition to formal schooling and support their future educational success.