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    At Bright Future Early Learning Centres in Springwood and Eight Mile Plains, We Make Education Fun

    Are you looking for the right early learning center for your child? At Bright Future Early Education Centre in Springwood and Eight Mile Plains, we offer a range of activities and experiences designed to foster a love of learning in the children in our care. We have two convenient locations, a government-approved kindergarten program, and many inclusions that make us an excellent choice for your child’s early years. Here are some of the things you’ll love about Bright Future Education Centre.

    An Inclusive Community

    Bright Future in Springwood and Eight Mile Plains each focus on maintaining a robust and inclusive community that caters to all families whether the parents work, work from home, or stay at home full-time. We offer extended hours to suit your schedule and ensure that each child receives a thorough and fun education whether they attend every day or just a couple days a week and whether they are with us for short or long days. We focus on holistic development, offering the children in our care academic, emotional, and social support at all times. Children benefit from abundant social interactions guided by trained, qualified, compassionate teachers.

    Storypark – an Online Portal and App

    At Bright Future Early Learning Centre in Springwood and Eight Mile Plains, we use the Online portal and app Storypark to allow parents and other carers to observe their child’s well-being and participation in real time even while they’re at work. Our educators stay in contact with parents throughout the day whenever they need more information about a child or to celebrate successes. We also welcome emails, phone calls, and text messages anytime during the day to keep families involved and in the loop.


    One thing you won’t find at Bright Future in Springwood is extra or unexpected fees. Our daily fees include a range of supplies and services such as:

    • Meals. We provide fresh, nutritious, homemade meals throughout the day including breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon tea, and an evening snack.
    • Sunscreen.
    • Nappies and wipes.
    • Bright Future hat.
    • SunSmart environment.
    • Discounts for kids enrolled five days a week.
    • Extracurricular classes
    • Supportive hands-on management.

    Government-Approved Kindergarten Program

    Bright Future Early Learning is home to a Queensland government-approved kindergarten program. Our program is taught by teachers who are fully qualified in Early Childhood Education. The children in this program benefit from fun, engaging educational activities including excursions and the regular social interactions we provide in our Kindergarten Room. Participation in this program is highly recommended to help ease the transition to formal schooling and promote academic success in the future.

    Contact Bright Future Education Centre Today

    If you live in the Eight Mile Plains or Springwood area and are searching for the right childcare center, Bright Future is the answer. We provide a vibrant, engaging environment where children have fun learning and growing. Both locations have received exceeding ratings in the childcare industry, and we strive to maintain a superior quality of education and care. Please contact us today to arrange a visit and discover why we are the right choice in early education.