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Attachments and Bonds

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“Attachment does not hinder independence, it fosters it. Cuddle those babies. Carry those babies. Let those babies sleep in your arms and on your chest, and be with you all the time. They will start taking steps away from you when they’re ready.“ – Raising Ziggy

At the forefront of Bright Future Early Education Centre’s philosophy is attachments and bonds. We strongly believe that the key to embarking on a successful learning journey, is for children to firstly connect and build attachments with others. At Bright Future, this means we reflect on our environment, interactions and operation to ensure we have the time, ratios and hands available to nurture individual, one-on-one bonds with children until they feel safe to explore on their own.

What does research tell us about attachments and bonds?

By developing strong attachments and bonds, children:

  • Establish a secure place from which to explore from.
  • Learn how to build positive relationships with others.
  • Have the potential to gain positive behavioural, cognitive and social skills.
  • Are able to maximise their potential and retain information as they feel comfortable and a sense of security.
  • Enhance their social and emotional competence.

Why is this important in an early childcare centre?

It is important for educators to focus on creating attachments and bonds with children in early childhood settings, because:

  • Forming bonds allows children to learn how to relate to others and therefore form relationships with peers.
  • Children are able to build trust with the people around them and then discover their environment.
  • Arrival and departures, as children transition between home and childcare daily, becomes smoother for families, children and educators when children are happy to seperate from their families.
  • Secure attachments can lead to increased problem solving and social and emotional competence later on in childhood.
  • This can lead to higher self-esteem in children throughout their lives.

How can I find out more?

There is a wide range of resources available if you wish to discover more about the significance of establishing attachments and bonds with children. We have books available for you to borrow at our Eight Mile Plains family library, or we recommend the following:

  • The Whole Brain Child – Dan Siegal
  • No Drama Discipline – Dan Siegal
  • Toddler Tactics – Pinky McKay
  • The Attachment Parenting Book – Dr Sears
  • Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids – Laura Markham
  • The Gentle Sleep Book – Sarah Ockwell-Smith

For those of you looking for a more condensed version, here are some fantastic links:

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